That’s what the Oregon Capitol Insider wrote about here in reference to some lawmakers’ feelings about the 2023 Legislative Session. With less than one month until the constitutional end of the session, tensions remain high in the building over if/how the legislature will finish its work.

Today, Senators Dick Anderson and David Brock Smith are reported to be the only two GOP senators present for roll call. Although both sides seem miles apart, chatter continues around negotiation. Ten Republican members of the Oregon Senate now have at least 10 unexcused absences, barring them from serving an additional term after their current term is completed. Though 26 days remain until the legislature is constitutionally required to adjourn, the odds of Senate Republicans returning to the Capitol to finish their business are growing longer by the day.

Senate Republicans did officially state they will return to the Capitol on the final day of the session (June 25) to fulfill the legislature’s only constitutional requirement: to pass a balanced budget. However, passing all state agency budgets is more than can be accomplished in one day. What will it take to end the walk-out? You can read that story from KGW here. In the meantime, all involved are preparing for a possible special session to be called over the summer.

On the House side, legislators are nearing the end of the work left on their plate for this session. Last week the House spent extra time on the Floor to move the remainder of bills in their chamber. They plan to hold Pro Forma Floor sessions this week, where they will gavel in and gavel out quickly with no bills up for votes. The House will have to stick around for Floor sessions in case of a return by Senate Republicans so the transfer of bills can be done, but outside of budget work in committee, their work is largely done for the 2023 Legislative Session.

Content contributed by Bravio Communications, Salem Chamber staff, and OSCC.

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