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The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce represents more than 1,000 businesses who employ over 40,000 Oregonians in the mid-Willamette Valley. From the beginning, the Salem Chamber has been dedicated to sustaining Salem’s quality of life and keeping our community and economy vibrant.

The Salem Chamber dates back to the establishment of the Salem Board of Trade in 1884. In 1922, the Board of Trade combined with two other organizations – the Illihee Club and the Commercial Club – and incorporated into a single body, taking the name “Chamber of Commerce.” Over the years, the Salem Chamber has continued to grow with the community while maintaining focus on creating a community where business can thrive and families can live, work, play, and shop.

Our strength as a leader in this region comes from members. Those who invest in the community through membership in the Salem Chamber support work that includes education and workforce development, public policy, and business development. Together, we provide a unified voice for business and support projects that lead to a stronger economy and an improved quality of life.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or part of a large corporation, the Salem Chamber is here to help you achieve your business and professional goals. Learn more about becoming a member.

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The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is a private 501(c)(6)not-for-profit membership organization.




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