What is advocacy?

Communities depend on strong economies in order to thrive, and strong economies are built by healthy businesses. It is important that policy-makers understand the impact legislation has on the business community so that policy encourages economic growth.

Having a healthy business community encourages other businesses to locate in the mid-Willamette Valley, making our region more vibrant and creating a higher quality of life.

What advocacy means to you and your business

The Salem Chamber advocates for business-friendly legislation at the local and state levels of government. We monitor public policy issues so you can focus on your business, not government regulation.


How you can get involved in our advocacy efforts
  • Public Policy Sessions – Held the first Thursday of the month, these sessions are the place to learn about public policy issues that matter to your business and the community. View upcoming Public Policy Sessions
  • Sign up for the Advocacy Update – This email sends reminders for Public Policy Session dates and topics, as well as recaps of sessions.
  • Mobilization Team – If you would like to share your story with policy-makers, let us know. As we monitor issues during the legislative session, we will contact you when your voice is needed, and you may have the opportunity to offer testimony in person or email your perspective to a legislative committee.
  • Leadership – Looking to take your leadership to the next level? The City of Salem has opportunities to serve on boards, committees, and commissions. View available opportunities
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