Help us welcome one of our newest members, Cherry Creek Mortgage, to the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lisa McCormick of Cherry Creek Mortgage

Lisa McCormick is excited to be affiliated with Cherry Creek Mortgage, and to hang her new business shingle in Salem. Among the corporate values that drew Lisa to her company is Cherry Creek’s prioritization of the customer, and their drive to help people buy homes they can comfortably afford. This philosophy has helped Cherry Creek Mortgage grow during the economic downturn to today having over 600 employees helping in excess of 26,000 people finance their homes.

Lisa has been a loan originator for nearly 17 years, and has loved calling Salem home. Lisa understands that buying a home can be stressful, and she is a pro at helping her clients navigate every step of home ownership to ensure full preparation of making your home ownership dreams a reality. Home ownership should be a life experience that is fulfilling.

When you see Lisa at the grocery store or walking downtown, say hello and welcome her and Cherry Creek Mortgage to Salem. They’re going to thrive here.

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