For the past few months, in partnership with Sea Legs Media and Cardwell Creative, we’ve been working hard to create a film that addresses the opioid crisis that has swept our community and country. This film illustrates what it can be like to be in the midst of addiction and shows that hope still exists. It is dedicated to the many in our community whose struggles are real and who may need help rediscovering that hope. It’s a reminder that something better is out there and that there are people who’ve made it through, who care. We would appreciate your help in putting this film in front of as many eyes as possible by sharing the video either on your own social media page or by sending it to friends, community partners, or anyone else you think should see it. Let’s reduce the stigma of seeking help for addiction and show people that help and hope are out there. We’re really proud of this video and proud that Bridgeway is a place people can find that hope. Thank you!
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Jenna Moller
Community Relations Specialist
Bridgeway Recovery Services

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