On February 1, 2024, the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a City of Salem Candidates Forum as part of its monthly Business Advocacy Committee Meeting.

Community members heard from seven candidates running for Salem City Council seats and three running for Salem Mayor.

Along with making their bid for the position they are seeking in the upcoming election, the candidates also received the opportunity to ask questions of their respective opponents and tell prospective voters a little more about themselves.

Thank you to everyone who attended this Forum (in person and online), and a special thanks goes to our 10 candidates:

Chris Hoy (incumbent) – Salem Mayor
Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez – Salem Mayor
Julie Hoy (current Salem City Councilor) – Salem Mayor

Celine Coleman – Salem City Council (Ward 1)
Virginia Stapleton (incumbent) – Salem City Council (Ward 1)

Shane Matthews – Salem City Council (Ward 3)
Nathan Soltz – Salem City Council (Ward 3)

Hamadi Jackson – Salem City Council (Ward 5)
Dr. Irvin M. Brown – Salem City Council (Ward 5)

Vanessa Nordyke (incumbent, currently running unopposed) – Salem City Council (Ward 7)

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