Here are some key takeaways from the Monday, April 25 Salem City Council Meeting–

  • City Council approved a development in an 8-1 vote (Leung voted no) on a new housing development which would create 178 single family lots ranging in size from 5,000 to 19,283 square feet in three phases of development for property located at 2527 Robins Lane SE.
  • City Council review of an appeal filed by the applicant following the Hearings Officer’s denial of a Conditional Use Permit, Class 3 Site Plan Review, Class 2 Adjustment, Class 2 Driveway Approach Permit and Class 1 Design, located at the 4900 Block of State Street.
  • City Council had an informational hearing on what City Council needs to do to move forward with brining commercial air service back to Salem. They were informed on the following items:
    • Approval to accept a $540,388 of State of Oregon General Fund award.
    • Approval to accept a $850,000 USDOT Small Community Air Service Development (SCASD) grant award, if Salem is selected as a recipient.
    • Approval to expend airport contingency funds, as needed, to complete any terminal modifications required to accommodate TSA equipment, and/or any passenger occupancy issues identified in the terminal assessment, and/or for any other as-yet-unidentified needs.
    • Approval of new airport staffing positions to develop, implement and manage the required Airport Security Program.
    • Approval of a fee waiver policy to support airline startup operations.
    • Approval of a lease to store airport equipment and materials.
      • This information was very well received by all councilors, even individuals who have expressed their concerns as it pertains to GHG emissions and sound pollution (Andersen, Stapleton). City Council will have further discussions on this in the coming months. This is a HUGE step forward in bringing commercial air service back to Salem.
      • City Council DID make two motions:
        • 1. To receive $540,388 from the State of Oregon General Fund (Passed 9-0) 
        • 2. Waive landing fees for the first two years for potential commercial carriers (Passed 9-0) 
      • These two motions are major steps in demonstrating the city’s willingness to move forward with a future Salem with commercial air service.


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