Supporting animal welfare

Supporting animal welfare is a key part of Mud Bay’s values. It’s important to us to support the local organizations that do so much everyday to help animals in need. The company just wrapped up their Tons of Love holiday giving program, donating 13 tons of dog and cat food as well as over $70,000 in cash and supplies to local animal welfare organizations. This was possible through the generous donations of customers, manufacturing partners, and a Mud Bay cash donation of $20,000. “We were so happy to deliver 2,000 pounds of Nutrisource dog food to Willamette Valley Humane Society and 1,000 pounds of Mud Bay Palouse Kitty Litter to Salem Friends of Felines,” said Amy Dominicci, Senior Community Outreach Coordinator.


The history

Mud Bay began in 1988 when Elsa Wulff bought a tiny farm store on a hill above Mud Bay just outside Olympia, WA. A lot has changed since then, but their values and focus on animal nutrition haven’t. Decades later, the company is still family owned and since 2015, employee owned!


Correcting misperceptions about pet food

There many misperceptions about animal nutrition and cost. Often times people think high quality food for their pets also means a high price tag, but that isn’t the case. Every item Mud Bay offers in store is high quality and goes through a 23 point inspection process – amazing food at everyday low prices. 


Mud Bay focuses on education, and training staff members to help Mud Bay’s customers make informed decisions about what to feed their dogs and cats. Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, we offer high quality, all natural food and accurate information to contribute to the health of dogs and cats and the happiness of the people who care for them.


“Is your cat having trouble with hairballs or your dog having bad breath? Stop by our store and talk with our team about your pets! We offer a variety of natural solutions for everyday dog and cat problems,” Dominicci said.

Want to learn more?

Visit their store on 525 9th St NW, Ste 100, Salem, OR 97304 or online at


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