According to a 2023 report by InvestmentNews, Capstone Wealth Advisors is one of the fastest-growing Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firms in America. The report celebrates 75 firms with dramatic growth in assets under management (AUM) and client accounts since July 2020, based on data reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Capstone managed approximately $340 million in assets in July 2020. Three years later, the firm’s AUM had more than doubled, with roughly $700 million under their care.

“I think Capstone has grown, because it’s a very attractive platform for advisors to run a clean business and serve their clients, without a lot of extra cost on the advisor or the client,” says Ryan Skogstad, co-owner and senior financial advisor at Capstone’s Salem office.

Fee-only financial firms have grown more popular in recent years, but InvestmentNews recognizes Capstone Wealth Advisors as one of those leading the pack, ranking them #5 in growth for RIA’s between $500 million and $1 billion in AUM. Capstone’s success can be attributed, in part, to the firm’s independent business model and the number of financial advisors who have flocked to the organization in recent years. All of Capstone’s advisors have come from large wirehouses and broker-dealers, which employ numerous managers, offer commission-based products, and charge various hidden fees. Each of these represents costs that impact both advisors and their clients.

“The Capstone Wealth Advisors’ model is a very flat organization. Capstone was created to provide a platform for advisors and clients to thrive,” says Rob Norton, also a co-owner and senior financial advisor at Capstone’s Salem office. “The old school method is really getting stripped away with the efficiency of technology. We can do a lot more with less and pass the cost savings onto other advisors and clients.”

Although Capstone’s advisors are able to work relatively independently of one another, they also collaborate weekly, monthly, and annually to evaluate market activity and share industry insights. As a result, while each Capstone advisor offers a unique perspective and expertise, all are able to provide a holistic, long-term investment approach for their clients.

“Most people make investment decisions based on emotions or what they’ve heard, while most institutions establish an investment policy and manage through the policy with a disciplined, process-driven approach. Each advisor at Capstone is able to establish their own niche, but what we try to do is bring that institutional process to the individual,” says Skogstad. “Our clients all look different, but what they share is that they trust the advice and partnership we are able to provide them.”

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About Capstone Wealth Advisors
Capstone Wealth Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm, serving high-net-worth families and entrepreneurs with financial, investment, tax, and estate planning since 2012. With offices throughout Oregon and Washington, Capstone’s diverse team of advisors provides personalized financial advice to help each client navigate decisions around retirement, investing, insurance, and more. Capstone’s advisors are fully invested in their clients and strive to help them plan for a financial future in a way that best meets their family’s goals. For more information, visit

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