It’s a family thing

Cara Rasmussen’s first State Farm job was filing and paperwork at age 18 while she was still in high school. After working there for awhile she moved on to try other jobs, but ultimately wound up working for the same State Farm agent again. Each time she would try to work a different job, she found herself returning to a State Farm agent to work. “Some of it’s probably because my grandfather and my great grandfather were State Farm agents in Pasadena, California. And so it’s kind of like a family thing,” Rasmussen said.



When Rasmussen and her husband moved back to Salem in 1996, she met Barbara Furer. Rasmussen worked in Furer’s office for 23 years. “It was one of the most amazing jobs and career choices, because I got to be mentored by her for so long. And [I] was able to raise my family because I wasn’t the boss and could take an extra day off. It was just wonderful to be able to do everything that I wanted to do.”


Friday, January 31, the Chamber celebrated the opening of Rasmussen’s own office. “Now that [Furer’s] retired, I’m taking that [responsibility] on to give back to my team and let them experience being able to be flexible and accommodate being a mom, wife, and a career woman at the same time.”


Quotes For Good

While she was going through agency training, Rasmussen learned of State Farm’s program, Quotes For Good. Agents partner with a nonprofit for a month, and the company will match whatever Rasmussen donates. “I’ve had such an enjoyable relationship with the Salem-Keizer School District, I’m reaching out to some of the elementary schools to see what month they would be willing to be part of my Quote for Good.”


Business philosophy

“I have to say I’m sneaking a little bit from Zig Ziglar when it comes to my business philosophy. Basically, the more you help others get what they want, the better off you will be. Because my philosophy is that insurance is Plan B. If Plan A goes straight forward, you never need your insurance. You never have a car accident, a house fire, and nobody ever dies early.


“Thank you.”

“If I could say one thing to the Salem community, it’s ‘thank you.’ My husband and I transplanted from California, I know, it’s a little bit on the taboo thing. We moved up here to able to raise a family and buy a house. We were able to do that in Salem, and it’s been the most amazing thing.”


Want to learn more?

Visit Rasmussen at 4555 Liberty Road S Suite 330, Salem, OR 97302-5093 or online at her website here.

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