Map of Action Plan Focus Area - Large file 3,000 KBApproximately $22 million is available to fund projects in the North Gateway Urban Renewal Area (URA). The funding available falls short of that needed to complete all of the remaining projects identified in the Plan, including the second phase of Portland Road improvements. Input received to date from the Advisory Board, North Gateway Neighborhood Association, Highland Neighborhood Association, and other stakeholders, reiterates the continued importance of the Portland Road corridor to the surrounding neighborhood.

The Action Plan will help identify and prioritize future North Gateway URA expenditures that address the needs and opportunities of the area. Strategic Action Plans have been completed in the Riverfront Downtown URA and West Salem URA to confirm and prioritize urban renewal area investments over a 5-20 year period.

In the first half of this year, the City of Salem sent out a survey and had several outreach meetings to gain input for the best way to invest funds in this area. Based on that input, they have narrowed the scope of ideas/projects, but due to the amount of funds available, still need to clarify what people think are the very highest priorities the Urban Renewal Agency can fund.

Below are the links for a website, as well as an English and Spanish survey. The survey will be online until August 31, 2015.

Learn more about the project at


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