As I think back to the last three legislative sessions I’ve been involved in, I’m incredibly thankful for the dozens of people that have taken time away from their profession and their families to meet with legislators.

My friend John Miller recently said “creating a job is a miracle”, and he’s right. When you consider what goes in to employing a person…hiring, marketing, human resources, benefits, understanding taxation…when all these things (and more) come together, and you’re able to sign a paycheck – it’s truly a noble and worthwhile endeavor. At the end of the day, if the company or organization is able to make a few sheckels in addition  – there’s even more cause for celebration.

Unfortunately so much time has been spent playing political defense that the “miracle of a job” is unjustly under attack. If after this election cycle the composition of our Legislative Assembly remains the same, expect more of the same defensive tactics on the part of those that have selflessly invested themselves in an effort to produce positive outcomes in the name of job creation. 

There is an opportunity to change the makeup of our local representation for the better. What this would mean is less time on our heels, and more time where it is best spent…continuing to create more miracles, otherwise known as jobs.

Every little bit of sweat equity that is committed to improving our representation makes a difference, and does wonders to improve the morale of the candidate. I’ve heard recently from Laura Morett and Patti Milne, candidates endorsed by the Salem Chamber, that there are opportunities to really engage and help both of their campaigns over the finish line.

So please, please, dig in. A few hours invested now in campaigns of sound policy makers may save you weeks or months of time wading through more regulations or navigating increased costs of doing business in the future.

Please click the links below and thank you for your commitment to a future filled with miracles, also known as jobs.

Laura Morett (click “join me”)
Patti Milne

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