When you discover a business that was formed from a place of passion, the atmosphere is just different. This is the case for Furbish, A Salvage Place. The owner, Cindy Cowley, learned from a young age how the thrill of finding something you did not know you wanted has an addictive trait, that always keeps you wondering what else is out there to find. With the creation of Furbish, Cindy and her team have enkindled that thrill of discovery and have underscored the beauty of bringing abandoned items back to life for someone new to love and cherish.

The novelty of Furbish is that you may leave empty handed at times, but you will never leave with the lack of a unique experience that will keep you wanting more. You will find that your monthly visit will leave with a different experience each and every time.

The list of what you can discover at Furbish does not end with salvaged furniture and décor. If you have a vision for that old armoire you inherited in the corner of your guest room, you can come to Furbish and make that vision into a reality at their custom paint shop. If you visualize having a custom-built wooden desk that will be the centerpiece of your office, you can have created for you at the Furbish Custom Wood shop. Finally, if you are seeking to build a home or living space that is truly alive, you can visit Jude at GreenSpaceDesign and begin your journey of creating a true green space.

Inspiration is right around the corner at Furbish, A Salvage Place.

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