EartH₂O does water differently. Over thousands of years of pristine winter snows and gentle spring rains, slowly, imperceptibly, the water in Opal Springs in Culver, Oregon would become Earth2O. Earth2O spring water is in its natural state. Uncomplicated. 

A company with a strong history and support from the community, EartH₂O water is from a single pristine source deep beneath the Central Oregon Cascades, filtered by time and thick layers of volcanic basalt. The water is so pure, no second filtration system is needed, which makes EartH₂O stand out from other bottled water companies. These companies use a thirteen-step process to clean water called reverse osmosis that can use up to three gallons of city water to produce only one gallon of drinkable water. It can be a total of 12 gallons of city water for a 5-gallon jug.

Over 100,000 gallons of water flows out of Opal Springs per minute. The company only uses 5 percent of what is naturally replenished.

EartH₂O is the world’s first bottled water company to become a Certified B Corporation. B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. The EartH₂O is one of the first U.S. bottled water companies to use 100 percent Oregon recycled plastic (rPET) to make its water bottles. The water is bottled on site at Opal Springs. EartH₂O prioritizes the reduction of landfill waste, while supporting the Oregon economy and showing how recycling plastic can work for everyone. 

“I really get behind the company’s mission to change the bottled water industry,” said Barry Thibodeaux, Outside Sales Representative for EartH₂O, who has worked for the company for four years. “We are driving changes in the industry.”

Earth2O has around 80 employees across the state. As a new Salem Area Chamber of Commerce member, Earth2O is looking to expand its customer base through membership. There are four main water companies that serve the Salem area right now with water and coffee deliveries. They are working to change the face of plastic water bottles as the only Certified B Corporation bottled water company and the only water company that provides the safer, BPA-free five gallon containers. The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is one place to share that story.

Not only does Earth2O offer natural water, but the company recently launched an Oregon Cold Brew (OCB). The small-batch cold brew coffee creates a super smooth taste and perfect roast. Then the coffee is infused with nitrogen to add creaminess and sweet flavors. 

“The best coffee starts with the best water,” said Thibodeaux. “OCB can change the way we drink coffee.”

Earth2O is Oregon-owned, natural and healthy water.

To learn more about the Earth2O, contact Barry Thibodeaux at 541-335-9342 and click here.


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