As we continue to celebrate Latino Heritage Month, we not only seek to showcase our neighbors who have had a seminal impact in our local community, but also those who have contributed to the well-being of our entire region.
Wendy Velizis the Local Government Affairs Manager at Portland General Electric, a fortune 1000 public utility company based in Portland, Oregon. For over 130 years, PGE has worked to provide Oregonians with clean, reliable, and affordable energy whose innovative projects are centered around keeping our communities safe and forward-thinking.
“As a member of the Portland General Electric team, I feel fortunate to work for one of the state’s largest, and most-respected, employers that is committed to the customers, and communities, we serve,” says Veliz. “It’s an exciting place to work as we help create a sustainable and affordable energy future for our customers.”
Beginning as a meter reader, and gradually working her way to a managerial position, Wendy’s 30-year career serves as a testimony to her strong devotion to perseverance, and the necessity of incorporating a diversity of ideas and experiences to an established enterprise.
“I bring my professional skills and background, along with my lived experience as a woman of color, to bring a unique voice to discussions,” Veliz says. “I’m proud to be part of an organization that invites the voices of people, and communities, that experience disadvantages to help shape PGE’s clean energy future.”
Veliz seeks to not only share her vision for the future with those in the business community, but rather with everyone longing for a brighter tomorrow.
“I strive to make positive contributions to our community and customers every day in my role as PGE team member, community member, mom, and partner,” states Veliz. “It’s important for all of us to succeed together.”
Currently, Wendy is running for Aurora City Council, Position 4, and serves on the board of directors for the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.
Wendy Veliz, Local Government Affairs Manager

Wendy Veliz

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