(Salem, OR) — Governor Kate Brown issued the following statement today as Oregonians begin the Labor Day holiday weekend:

“The Labor Day weekend is traditionally a time for Oregonians to celebrate the achievements of working families and relax, explore, and enjoy everything our great state has to offer before the end of summer.

“This year, with the highly contagious Delta variant surging and our hospitals and health care workers stretched to their absolute limits treating COVID-19 patients, we all have a personal responsibility to watch out for the health and safety of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.

“If you are an unvaccinated adult, you remain at high risk for COVID-19. The vast majority of Oregonians hospitalized for COVID-19 are not vaccinated. It’s safest for you to stay close to home and not to gather with people from other households this weekend. If you do go out, wear a mask, stay outside, and keep your distance from others as much as possible. Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19.

“If you are vaccinated, please still wear a mask. More Oregonians masking up over the last several weeks has helped to slow the spread of COVID-19. We are also all at risk in another way: when our hospitals and emergency departments are full, it means there may not be a bed for you if you need care. Rethink activities that might put you at risk for physical injury. If you go out on the water, wear a life jacket and boat sober.

“And, as we approach the one-year mark since last year’s devastating Labor Day fires, please remember that most wildfires are human caused. Check fire restrictions before you travel and be fire safe. Remember the families who lost loved ones, homes, and businesses last year. Many of them are still trying to rebuild.

“Oregonians have faced many difficult challenges in the last year and a half. Enjoy your weekend, wear a mask, and stay safe out there.”



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