This may sound crazy, and you may think we’re nuts, but WE NEED YOU to smash 100 golf balls with us on Saturday, January 20, 2018 from 10:00am-1:00pm at Topgolf in Hillsboro.

Community Action Agency is set to raise $50,000 in our first ever “Driving Out Poverty” Golf Marathon!

We are getting close to half way to our goal!!!

We need your help to Tee this thing off and get to our goal. We need 25 or more committed participants to help us raise funds to enhance our ability to meet our mission to help people exit poverty.

The Tee Off Party is on December 18, 2017 at Los Dos Amigos at 3140 Lancaster Dr NE Salem at 6:30pm. If you’re already participating in this fun campaign, or want to learn more, please join us for appetizers, drinks, inspiration and find out how YOU can make a BIG difference with a VERY short time investment!

We need each of you to commit to bringing at least one person that may be willing to become a participant in the Golf Marathon and commit to helping us raise funding. This will get us beyond our fundraiser participant goal. For people you are hoping to recruit, they are giving on average about a 5 hour commitment with a huge payoff to help people in need. We need as many of you to attend this Tee Off Party to get us driving forward toward our goal and the Golf Marathon. This is will be fun, inspiring and a huge opportunity to help people in need.

Please visit to RSVP if we have your commitment to attend. For more info about Community Action Agency go to
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Jon Reeves
Executive Director
Community Action Agency

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