A New Player in the 4G marketplace promises up to 50Mbps by 5 Mbps wireless internet plan with 300GB Data usage without bandwidth throttling!
• This revolutionary business connection can be used as a Primary Circuit with a full 300GB data usage, without any bandwidth restrictions.
• Made available over a T-Mobile backbone using wireless router technology.
• Other carriers and plans also available. – Multi-carrier capable!
• The network is totally secure with HIPPA, PCI and other Compliance Certifications.
• It is capable of SD WAN deployment.
• On an Enterprise Network with low latency and packet loss.
• US-Based Help Desk – NOC managed service.
• It is perfect for spinning up an Executive Work-from-Home Office, totally secure and independent of the family’s internet.
• No Contracts necessary. Free to try it out. Terms are available if desired.
• Pre-configured. Plug-n-Play ready.
• Future 5G Service is expected.

Click Here for more information and plans.

Bill Quaglia
In The Cloud Technology

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