“Job Development is…”

Kate Tarter was first introduced to job development when working to find employment for her autistic son. After convincing a manager at a movie theater to give her son a chance at an interview, he was hired.


The experience taught her that individuals with disabilities or impairments may struggle to obtain work, and having someone to advocate for them improves chances at being hired. “Job development is having a conversation with the employer and communicating, ‘I’d like you to meet this person and give them a chance.” [It’s also not] being overly involved in getting the employer to hire the client and allowing the match to occur organically.” Tarter said. “We do a lot of work to help people who wouldn’t be able to navigate that environment on their own.”


Helping People Get Back to Work

The Job Consultants Network, Inc. contracts with the State of Oregon and DHS to facilitate employment programs that help people get back to work, train for a new job or career or find first-time jobs. Tarter is additionally Certified in Discovery as recognized by ODDS.


Job Consultants Network often work with job-seekers who are physically impaired, previously injured,  have developmental disabilities and individuals with mental health issues. Because JCN is a smaller employment agency, the company has the ability to cater to their clients and offer custom strategies to help their clients find work.


“When we help someone get a job, it’s generally for two reasons. Either they don’t present well in the interview, or they don’t have the skills they need [for the job] on [their] resume. We try to help them find a way to get those skills on the resume through different opportunities,” said Tarter. (Ultram)


Job Consultants Network builds relationships and continues to work with clients even after matching job-seekers with employment. If a placement goes unsuccessfully, or the client needs assistance working out transportation, the team at Job Consultants Network is there.



Want to learn more?

Visit Job Consultants Network at 95 Columbia St NE, Salem, OR 97301 or online via their Facebook page.

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