Father-daughter team Hughie Baker and Tascha Kennedy are passionate about Information Technologies and helping businesses. Since opening their business in 2005, they work on providing IT services that include remote support, computer network monitoring, and computer monitoring to keep your business running smoothly.


Assisting With IT

Baker had worked at a tech support call center for nearly four years, and then at a company called NCR, where he traveled often, and then at a computer repair company where he installed a number of Windows 2000 Servers and workstations. Baker says, “I have such a thirst to assist people, and at that time knew a bit about how computers and networks worked—that’s how I started Keizer Computer. I thought at 43 I should make my own goodwill for myself and my family, or risk making goodwill for another and get fired at 60.”


The ever-changing landscape of technology fuels him daily. “My intelligence is commonly tested and stretched learning most of the new ideas in the server and network security space,” Baker added.


Some difficulties in the IT industry include breaking into Managed IT services, helping business understand what that means on a daily basis and establishing and keeping trust. Baker says, “A trusting relationship with our customers is crucial, otherwise a relationship will be painful.”


The Personal Connection

The size of the business, while small, is viewed as a strength. Every time a client or interested individual calls, it will either be Baker or Kennedy answering the phone. “People can attach [to us] and feel heard and will know we’re familiar with their issue…rather than a new person every time you call, and hours on the phone with strangers.”


Being a Chamber member offers them exposure, camaraderie with other businesses and people, and the ability to build trusting relationships. “Being in the Chamber, I want to use Chamber member business and be your salesperson/evangelist for what you are selling.”


“We Have Your Six”

Baker wants the Salem community to know, “I’m born and raised here with no intention of leaving. If you can trust us a little bit and let us help you, I will do my darndest to ensure your business and network are safe and secure at all times. We will, with your permission, handle all the technology vendors so you can rest knowing we have your six.”


Kezier Computers is offering free business and network for the month of November 2019. As long as you’re within a 10 – 15 miles of their Keizer location, there’s no trip fee or charge for labor. “This offering is a thank you for being there for us during our fire loss.”


Want to learn more? Head over to: https://keizercomputer.com/


Or 1085 Lockhaven Dr NE, Keizer, Oregon

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