Last week, the Oregon Legislature convened for Legislative Committee Days, Leg Days for short. Over three days, interim committees met and heard a wide variety of topics. Often this is a precursor to what may be considered during the upcoming Legislative Session in 2024.

Topics of note included updates on the Governor’s initiatives on homelessness and housing, interplay of state and local taxes, paid leave implementation, wildfire season updates, the future of health care initiatives including Measure 110 reform, and the announcement of a new Joint Interim Committee on Addiction and Community Services Response. This committee will look at the state’s addiction crisis and consider how to keep communities safer. Of interest to both Duck and Beaver fans there was a hearing on the impacts of the Pac 12 realignment.

Leading into Legislative days, there was a flurry of announcements related to the upcoming 2024 elections. With a variety of Legislators announcing future plans elsewhere then their current office space in the Capitol, the adage that “nothing is constant but change” remains true.

As legislators choose their future path, how Leadership is determined, who holds gavels in ’24 and ’25, and how priorities in budget and policy are determined, the Salem Chamber will stay informed.  

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