Despite a one-sided make up of Oregon’s legislature, the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce mobilized business leaders to impact the outcome of several major anti-business initiatives, outlined in their 2015 Legislative Report.  The report – created by Salem Chamber lobbyist John Watt & Associates (JWA) – outlines how elected officials voted on key business issues, as well as the Chamber’s engagement of legislators and members to work toward a pro-business political climate.

Through its active participation and a consistent, well-reasoned approach to advocacy, the Salem Chamber has earned the respect and attention of the legislature and its leadership. A commitment to active advocacy and visibility from now far into the future will continue to benefit the Chamber and its members.

Highlights include:

  • Over 50 bills were identified at the beginning of the session that made the Chamber’s watch list. Those bills were tracked throughout the session.
  • JWA worked closely with the Chamber to identify which initiatives were appropriate for the Chamber to weigh in on, and then did so using a variety of methods, including letters, committee testimony, and individual legislator lobbying.
  • The Salem Chamber submitted letters on six different bills.

JWA was retained once again to represent the Salem Chamber and its members during the 2016 session. As a team, all parties are well positioned to continue the significant progress made to date – building on the Chamber’s profile at the capitol, and solidifying relationships with legislators from all houses and sides of the aisle.

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