Legislative Update

Two weeks remain in the 2023 Legislative Session and the stalemate in the Senate persists. However, the presiding officers have been meeting with Senate Republicans this week in the hopes of coming to an agreement on a limited package of bills to come back and pass. The package of bills that Senate Republicans return for will have to get smaller with each day that goes by without a deal. Passing budgets and some of the other large pieces of legislation will take multiple days to pass, leaving little time for any funding or policy priorities that are agreed upon.

These negotiations have been rumored to be hostile at times and very touch and go. We are on standby for any deal that may come in the final days of the session.

Issues We’re Tracking

On June 20, 2023, the Rule advisory committee will meet concerning Senate Bills 592 and 907 (relating to Penalties, Inspections, and the Right to Refuse Work). The purpose of this meeting is to perform administrative rulemaking to align with the statutory changes introduced by SB 592. Please see additional details here.

In 2019 the CAT was passed under the premise that the funds would be distributed specifically to K-12 for funding current services. According to this article, new initiatives targeting those dollars are raising questions.

Content contributed by Bravio Communications, Salem Chamber staff, and OSCC.

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