Why would a potential home buyer choose loanDepot local?

Tracy Belle, Sales Manager, said, “People work with people. People should work with other people, not just with companies. What you’re getting is me—an integrity based individual with longevity in the industry, and someone who’s not afraid to tell you there might be a better deal elsewhere. What you get is honesty, transparency and solid financial advice. I’m not just looking at your loan ability. I’m looking at what your long-term goals are in the next five, ten years and structuring your mortgage around that. I take a look at your entire global financial situation and help you plan accordingly.”


What’s loanDepot?

loanDepot matches borrowers through technology and high-touch customer care with the credit they need to fuel their lives. As a fast-growing national consumer lender, the loanDepot platform is disrupting finance by dissolving the lines between mortgage and nonmortgage credit.

The company has funded over $165 billion in funding since inception, and is passionate about emerging financial technology and dynamic product delivery supported by excellent customer service to empower consumers.

Headquartered in Southern California, loanDepot employs 6,400 team members across the country including 2,000+ licensed loan officers who hold more than 10,000 licenses. The company operates 150+ local loan locations nationwide.


Community Engagement

The philosophy loanDepot has at the local level is to provide mortgage solutions and prioritize serving the community. It’s an integral part of what they do. By aiming to be a true resource for customers and not just a loan officer, community service, serving on boards of directors, and being engaged locally is encouraged.

What would loanDepot like Salem to know? “We’re here because you matter.”


Staying Local

loanDepot has been in the mortgage industry for the last 10 years, and is the fifth largest lender in the country. Even though loanDepot is large company, they focus on providing local support. With years of experience in the mortgage industry serving Oregon, loanDepot is dedicated to providing innovative mortgage solutions and services to borrowers here in Salem and the surrounding areas. There are Oregon underwriters, people who understand how Oregonians pay their taxes and homeowners’ insurance and are more familiar with the local market.


Want to learn more?

Visit the local loanDepot at 698 12th St SE #240, University Station Offices, Salem, OR 97301 or online at https://www.loandepot.com/


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