Marco Polo’s lounge hosts jazz musicians every other Wednesday night.

Cuisine without borders

The goal of Marco Polo Global Restaurant is to serve cuisine without borders under one roof. They have a team of well-trained staff, including Cathay—who has worked his whole life in the food manufacturing industry and the restaurant. They provide a wide variety of foods for people with different dietary needs—vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other specialty diets such as low sodium or no sugar.


Sharing the same table

Cathay and Jackey Cheung opened their business just under twenty years ago. It’s situated just south of downtown, overlooking Pringle Park. The couple was inspired to open their own restaurant after attending a banquet that had no vegetarian dishes. Jackey and their son were unable to eat any of the food, both being vegetarian.


The couple kept the experience close and created a place where many people who have different food allergies and preferences can share the same table and enjoy a meal together. Not only that, but they wanted to offer those with allergies or diet restrictions more than one option to choose from. “Our goal is to provide a good place for a happy gathering,” Cathay said, “Our customers’ happy faces are our reward.”


Diners can admire Pringle Park from many of the tables at the restaurant

Need a space to host an event?

Cathay and staff prepare the food fresh daily, and ensure the kitchen is always fully staffed for any guests who arrive. The restaurant is on the second floor of the Pringle Park plaza, offering sweeping views of the park and fountain. With multiple large seating options, Marco Polo is an optimal location for company parties such as birthday parties, wedding rehearsals, business meetings and special occasion banquets. They also have a private dining room available.


Love listening to live music? Marco Polo hosts live jazz music in the lounge Wednesday nights from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. every two weeks. View their website for upcoming performances.


Want to learn more?

Look at their menu online, or visit them at 300 Liberty St. SE Salem, OR 97301.


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