Members had a unique opportunity to engage with candidates for Salem-Keizer Transit and School Board at the March 12th Public Policy Session. In a roundtable discussion, attendees talked about issues of importance to the business community and candidates were able to respond directly to those questions.

School board candidates addressed issues surrounding curriculum, State implemented Common Core standards, how parents and teachers can be more engaged with each other in order to help students, and the impact of cost drivers like the Public Employee Retirement System (PERS). In attendance were Marty Heyen – Zone 2, Jim Green – Zone 4, and Chuck Lee – Zone 6.

Transit board candidates talked about the changing needs and desires surrounding public transportation and how to engage the younger generation in those decisions, the impact of cuts made in 2008, as well as the possibility of going out for another bond measure on the November 2015 ballot. In attendance were Steve Evens – Zone 1, Kathy Lincoln –  Zone 3, Jerry Thompson – Zone 5, and Marcia Kelley – Zone 7.

For more information, please contact Nick Williams, Public Policy Manager for the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. Public Policy sessions are open to all dues-paying members of the Salem Chamber.

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