Microsoft Teams is the latest platform to experience phishing attacks in the form of a chat window pop-up while using the conference bridge.

There is one simple rule to follow anytime, anywhere, in any situation when it comes to most cyber phishing scams:

1. Never, never, again, NEVER give anyone who contacts you, your personal information! Whether it be in the form of a text, chat window, email, phone call, Facebook chat, etc. They are ALL criminals after your precious assets. Simply hang up or close the chat, text, etc. conversation. Then, if you want, visit the site, bank, or organization they told you they were going to help you fix. You will always find out that there IS no problem. Reporting to that organization will be extremely helpful for them to alert other clients and maybe adjust their security protocols as well. The article below discusses the latest scam concerning Microsoft Teams. Chat boxes are showing up during video conferencing sessions asking you to click on a link. All conferencing platforms are just as vulnerable. Remember, hackers can hack just about anything.

2. You can use the link below, as a convenience. It has been validated (Https). If you rather, you can go to and search for the below article. SURFING TIP: Always look for the “HTTPS” at the beginning of any web address. It is one way sites maintain their control. It tells you that they are using some sort of security protocol to keep visitors safe.

Look out – that Microsoft Teams alert might be a phishing scam

Bill Quaglia
Founder / President
In The Cloud Technology

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