Capstone Wealth Advisors, LLC, recently announced its official transition to a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. As one of the only true RIAs in the Salem area, Capstone Wealth Advisors is an independent practice providing both businesses and individual clients personalized advice and services in all areas of investment planning, including: retirement planning, investment tax strategies, estate planning, education funding, risk management, investment asset allocation, and employee and executive benefits.

“Capstone Wealth Advisors chose to become a Registered Investment Advisor firm to solidify the objective of serving clients,” says Senior Financial Advisor Ryan Skogstad. “As such, our only loyalty is to our clients and their success. We feel this is what people are looking for in a financial advisor, and we are excited for the opportunity to provide it.”

The principals of Capstone Wealth Advisors—Rob Norton, Michael Coursey, Ryan Skogstad, Benny Won, and Ron Boucher—are committed to designing financial plans that best meet the individual needs of each of their clients.

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, Capstone Wealth Advisors investments are independent of large banks and brokerage firms. That means Capstone Wealth Advisors is not incentivized to choose investments that may provide an additional commission through the fund selected. Instead, CWA financial advisors base their investment recommendations only on the specific goals, needs and risk tolerance of their individual clients. Additionally, an RIA has an obligatory “fiduciary duty” to always act in the clients’ best interests and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Advisor models other than RIAs are held to a “suitability” standard, which means investments made on behalf of the client must be “suitable” for the client when they are purchased. This does not necessarily take into consideration the costs or risks associated with some investments.

“Choosing the right investment advisor is an important decision,” says Skogstad. “You should choose a financial advisor who you trust, who has a disciplined repeatable process, and who is looking out for your best interests rather than the interest of a large corporation.”

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