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How did you start your business, and when?

Cody Carr – Owner of Quality Window Cleaning

I started my business at the beginning of July, 2017. However, I have been cleaning windows for about four years now. I guess you could call it a hobby, but I got my start with CollegePro. Here in Oregon, they do painting, but in the Midwest, where I am from, the company did window cleaning as well. I worked for them for a summer and that’s how I got introduced to the window cleaning service. 

What are some of your passions? How do they fuel you every day?

I really enjoy being with people. Many have called me a “people person.” I really do a lot of chatting with my clients to get to know them better. What fuels me is when people see the results of the work I provide. I mean, I am not changing the world by cleaning windows, but I am helping people enjoy their homes and their businesses. I meet a myriad of people every day too, and getting to know them has been so great. I never know who I am going to meet next!

What are some difficulties you face in your industry?

Window cleaning is a luxury service. It’s not a “necessity” because it’s not the same thing as having your roof replaced. Some people don’t necessarily view it that way because they like to have a clean house and windows. My wife was telling me the other day that the reason she loves to have a clean house, including clean windows, is that it is a nice place to come home too. Having clean windows may be a luxury service, but it is also a mood booster.

How often would you recommend people get their windows cleaned by Quality Window Cleaning?

There are a lot of factors that come into that. My home that doesn’t have a lot of agricultural activities around it, I’d say once a year. It depends on where the windows are located too, like if they are under trees. I clean many homes around the vineyards because clouds of dust collect on the windows and windowsills. There was a home I cleaned the windows for that was close to 70 or 80 years old and the windows hadn’t been cleaned in 20 plus years, which made it incredibly difficult to clean, so there’s that to keep in mind as well.

What are your goals for Chamber membership?

Cody Carr cleaning customer windows.

I want to get involved in the community. I want people to put a face to my business. I want people to see that if they pay for my services, that money isn’t just going to me. I am a family person and I shop locally to Salem. I was a big supporter of the police department, and I am going to be paying for that as well as everyone else. I get excited to hear about the cool things going on in Salem like the new bridge campaign and the Rotary Club Amphitheater project. With the Chamber membership, I want to see Quality Window Cleaning as active in the community. 

Who do you wish to connect with the most in Salem?

I want to connect with real estate agents and business owners and people that are involved.

What do you wish other people knew about Quality Window Cleaning?

Everything! I want people to know that I am a member of the community and involved and my business is too.

What is something, a saying or quote, that you live by, and how has that impacted your business?

My business slogan is, “We do the work, you see the results,” which is a play on words because you do “see” the results through your newly cleaned windows. Aside from that though, the word “result” is something I live by. Results are what makes changes and how things succeed – or by seeing the results. I have always been a result-oriented person because I thrive off achieving a goal.

Email Cody at cody@qualitywcoregon.com or call him at 503-482-2580

Check out the Quality Window Cleaning website: www.qualitywcoregon.com

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