As part of an effort to update the Oregon Business Plan’s strategy to grow the economy, Business Plan partners are conducting a survey of business executives and leaders across Oregon. The goal is to better understand both the assets leading to growth and the barriers standing in the way of growth statewide.

Business Plan partners will use the data collected to educate policy makers about the impediments impacting business growth and, relatedly, to hone the Business Plan’s economic development strategy and agenda moving forward. The results will be shared with us once they are tallied. If the survey gets enough responses, results will be shown by industry and region.

OBP partners contracted with DHM Research to execute the survey. Using a third party for the survey assures that your responses will be strictly confidential. 

The survey is intended for senior executives of businesses headquartered or operating in Oregon.

Please take the survey before September 16.

Your candid responses will be helpful in building a better understanding among the state’s leaders about the challenges you face in building a thriving business here in Oregon.

Take the Oregon Business Plan Survey here:

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