A “Main Street Matters” Class Action Lawsuit is now being launched.

In November, the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce launched the Main Street Matters campaign because someone needed to speak up for our small businesses.

Our guiding belief is that:

  1.  Our small businesses have been extremely responsible to our community and to the Covid-19 guidance coming from the CDC and state; 
  2. Our local businesses deserve the same consideration as the Large Corporations that have prospered due to elimination of small business competition and our government employees that have been kept whole; 
  3. The remedies to small business currently being offered by the State are completely inadequate to cover the forced business closures; and
  4. Shutdowns are sending our employees into a failed state unemployment system when they could be earning full paychecks. 

As part of our Main Street Matters campaign, we respectfully requested that all small businesses and their local communities ask our Governor, lawmakers and health officials to:

  1. Immediately re-open all Oregon small businesses.
  2. Provide substantial remedies to our local businesses that have been forced to shut down through no fault of their own as the state has deprived these businesses and employees of their livelihoods.
  3. Create a $75 million Hospitality Relief fund dedicated to helping our state’s restaurants and hospitality businesses recover.
  4. Enforce a moratorium on new or increased taxes and fees at the state and local level that would deprive our businesses of needed cash flow; and
  5. Help stabilize the commercial rental market through a short-term tax credit for property owners that are willing to waive debt for commercial tenants that are behind on rent.

OSCC has arrived at the conclusion that our only opportunity to find redress in this state for our small businesses will be to have our day in court.

Please read the Notice of Class Action letter carefully.   

OSCC is not challenging the Governor’s authority to use emergency powers. Rather, we are seeking enforcement of the law that requires compensation for the use of those emergency powers when they involve the taking of “real or personal property.” (ORS 401.192(3))

The Salem Chamber in partnership with chambers of commerce across the state are working closely with OSCC to ensure the voice of businesses are heard and fought for.

Please visit the OSCC webpage to learn more about Main Street Matters Class Action Fund.

Oregon State Chamber of Commerce (OSCC) | 991 Liberty Street SE, Salem, OR 97302

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