As of now, the 2020 short session is effectively halted due to both the Senate and House Republican caucuses leaving Salem to block passage of the Cap-and-Trade legislation, SB 1530 and HB 4167.


Session is constitutionally mandated to end on Sunday night, March 8th, which means there are seven days left until all of the 2020 bills will die.


Both sides, Democrats and Republicans, appear to be dug in. Democrats will not capitulate on Cap-and-Trade, and Republicans do not intend to come back in the last week until the bill is either killed or referred to voters.


The House Rules Committee issued subpoenas to House Republicans in an effort to compel them to appear on Thursday to explain their walkout. This will likely have no impact.


It is our expectation that discussions between the parties will intensify over the early part of this week in order to facilitate some sort of deal to finish session at the end of the week. We have no idea if there is any potential deal in the offing, but our ear is close to the ground and we will keep you updated as developments occur.

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