The coronavirus crisis has devastated businesses across all sectors of Oregon’s economy. Oregon employers are struggling to keep their doors open and paychecks funded during this crisis; legislators need to hear from you now.


Share your personal impact from COVID-19. Be specific if you can – how much in loss revenue, risk of not being able to pay commercial lease payments, how many employees already furloughed, etc. Do you have the necessary cash reserves to wait this crisis out for 1, 2, or 3 months or more? And most importantly… how can Governor Brown and your state legislators help you TODAY?


We all need to come out of this stronger. Rebound can’t happen without Oregon’s employers, and employers won’t be able to rebound without cash reserves. Any coronavirus recovery package passed by our state legislators must include measures to protect local businesses and assist communities with recovery. 


Use the talking points below to craft a unique message to your local legislators. Don’t forget to personalize the message; legislators need to hear about the effects of this crisis on your business or place of work. Contact your state representative and senator and Governor Brown today!


Suggested Talking Points:

  • My name is [xx], and I… [describe your business, nonprofit, or place of employment].
  • The coronavirus crisis has had significant negative impacts on my business and local community, such as:
      • LIST EXAMPLES – Be Specific
  • Please delay implementation of the corporate activity tax (CAT) for a minimum of two quarters to protect cash flow for all businesses subject to the CAT
      • In an economic recession, cash reserves are very important.
      • Oregon employers are being asked to map more, despite the lack of resources. COVID-19 shut down local businesses overnight, and we need swift action
      • Oregon businesses will have a difficult time recovering without immediate action to delay the CAT
  • The Oregon Department of Revenue still has not finalized administrative rules for the CAT. Even in the best of times, the government shouldn’t be asking taxpayers to navigate compliance with a complex new tax before they’ve put forward rules to implement the new law.
  • Federal stimulus dollars do not give businesses any greater ability to pay their CAT tax burden in the first or second quarter of 2020. These loans come at a risk for a business that can’t guarantee that its doors will be reopened in three months. Additionally, federal stimulus dollars must be spent in accordance with the rules outlined by the SBA, and cannot be used to pay state taxes.
  • Please take action to DELAY the corporate activity tax today. Without immediate help, thousands of Oregon employers will face a new tax bill at the same time as they are losing money. Without immediate action, employers will be forced to pay their CAT tax bill before paying their employees or be subject to penalties. It’s an impossible position for employers. 
  • Thank you for your support for local businesses in your community; please do what you can to protect businesses from gross receipts taxes that they can’t currently afford.
  • Local employers need your assistance now more than ever to recover from this disaster.
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