Over the past year, our community has been faced with incredible challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Though many businesses have been forced to close their doors due to our uncertain climate, we have seen substantial growth in new businesses right here in the Salem market despite the challenges that are ever present.
The government mandates that have been arbitrarily placed on certain segments of our business community has no doubt been an obstacle to success. But business owners are simply cut from a different cloth. Instead of backing down from this challenge, business owners have seen these obstacles not as a treacherous mountain not worth climbing, but as a lengthy detour. Business owners have been forced to pivot, seek new ways to run their day-to-day operations. They have been faced with discovering new ways to reach new customers, tackle the difficulties of employees working from home, seek remedies to ensure that employees have the time and ability to confront at home learning for their children.
Although 2020 has seemed so dark at times, there are many shining examples of how difficult times only make a community like Salem’s stronger. The incredible support that Salemites have for our locally owned businesses have been spotlighted through the support on Salem Eats and Salem Shops. Our community’s compassion can clearly be identified through the efforts of thousands of individuals who came together to support our neighbors to the east during the Santiam Canyon Fires.
2020 has no doubt been challenging, but in the end, it simply made us stronger and has shown all of us how special our community really is.
The author Zachary S. Sielicky is the Membership Manager for the Salem Chamber of Commerce. Zachary advises businesses in the Mid-Willamette Valley on how to connect with the community and fellow businesses. The Salem Chamber is a Convener of leaders, a Catalyst for positive change, and a Champion for a thriving community. Are you a business leader? Find out what kind HERE.
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