Opened by Todd Call in 1999, the RV park has been providing top-of-the-line services to RV owners for short and long stays for more than two decades. The park boasts a variety of hotel-like amenities. Guests and residents have access to fitness centers, meeting rooms, wireless internet, cable television, on-site laundromats, dog runs, and a store to purchase RV supplies. The clean and secure environment is another big draw for residents.

Recreational vehicles celebrate their 110th anniversary this year. As soon as cars were invented, people started making alterations for long trips and camping; with the first (Pierce-Arrow’s Touring Landau) debuting at Madison Square Gardens in 1910. “Car camping,” was fashionable with inventors such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Harvey Firestone. Motorized RV’s became popular with the wealthy in the 1950s. The famous Winnebago was mass-produced in the late 1960s and sold for around $5,000. RV’s now come at almost any price range starting just under $10,000, but the average price is much higher. Retail for a quality RV runs anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

According to 2019 report, the industry has been consistently growing with millennials living in RV’s and retirees leaving their homes for the RV life. There are roughly 1 million Americans who call their RV home and 9 million RV’s are parked around the country. It has a $50 billion impact on the U.S. Economy. Oregon manufactures nearly 25,000 a year ( 2017 report) making it one of the larger producers.

“As someone who grew up in the RV industry, it was always my dream to open a high-quality RV park,” said Todd Call, owner of Phoenix RV Park. “20 years have flown by, and I am still amazed that my dream has come true. I’m looking forward to continuing to provide for our amazing residents and guests.”

In the past few years, many RV parks have transformed into full-service, high-end living areas. Phoenix RV Park is no exception. The resort is constantly at (or near) full capacity as RV owners flock to the area. It is consistently rated one of the best RV parks in the Northwest by leading industry sources, including Trailer Life and Good Sam Club.

Phoenix RV Park is located on Silverton Rd in North Salem.


Todd Call
Phoenix RV Park

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