In this episode, Tom sits down with Jon Moore, of The Physical Therapy Project, for a discussion that delves into Jon’s formative years as a baseball player at Sprague High School, his undying love for sports, and his journey from athlete to physical therapist. After many years in the profession, he opened his own clinic in 2021 with a modern, non-traditional approach that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of his patients. Here, Jon reflects on how the profound lessons he learned from the sports and healthcare fields have shaped who he is today, as a leader, business owner, and community supporter.

As the proud Owner and a dedicated Physical Therapist at The PT Project, Jon approaches his role with a commitment to being a “Human Body Consultant.” The PT Project is renowned for its specialized and personalized treatment plans, where Jon serves not only as a healthcare professional but also as a constant source of encouragement for patients undergoing rehabilitation. With an abundance mindset at the core of his philosophy, Jon’s passion is reflected in the dedicated care he provides to those seeking optimal health and recovery.

The conversation also digs into Jon’s deep community involvement, including being the exclusive PT provider for the Salem Capitals Basketball Club and his work with the Corban University Athletics Department.

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