A Conversation with Tim Jennings, President of Roth’s Fresh Markets

Leading by example for decades in the Salem area, Tim Jennings’ career path in the grocery business has been paved by his willingness to raise his hand and help in any area of need. An employee at Roth’s since 1982, Tim has helped the Roth’s shopper solve the problem of “What’s for dinner” using the wisdom and guidance of mentors like Orville and Michael Roth along the way.

Through structure, consistency, and a company culture that truly puts the customer first, Roth’s remains a vital part of our community. Listen to this conversation (where Tom and Tim also share stories of working at Roth’s as young people) to gain a deeper understanding of what sets Roth’s apart and how it continues to value fresh ideas in an industry with ever-evolving consumer habits.

Learn more about Roth’s Fresh Markets: roths.com

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