A Conversation with Brent DeHart and Angie Villery of Fly Salem

Following Salem Airport’s first commercial flight in nearly 15 years, Tom sits down with two local leaders who helped make the historic moment happen, Brent DeHart (President of Salem Aviation Fueling) and Angie Villery (President/CEO of Travel Salem). In this episode, the trio share about their first flight experience from Salem to Las Vegas on October 5, 2023, and what commercial air service will mean for Salem and our local economy in the years ahead.

As members of the Fly Salem Steering Committee, which spent years leading the effort to bring commercial air service back to our community and our airport, Brent and Angie discuss all that went into rallying the community, raising funds, and attracting a commercial service air carrier to Salem Municipal Airport. As leaders in the effort, Brent and Angie recognize and pay tribute to all the community partners who came together to make commercial air service in Salem a reality, including Salem City Council, state legislators such as former state representative Raquel Moore-Green, and Salem’s new exclusive carrier, Avelo Airlines.

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