Press Release – Remote Workforce – Work from Home considerations

What should one consider when choosing the right Remote Workforce vendor?

1. Ease of Use
2. Security / Compliance
3. Speed and complexity of deployment
4. Functionality
5. Cost

Ease of Use:
1. Will the vendor set up or help to set up the conference platform?
2. Is there a conference operator or real-time help desk to work out any glitches?
3. Is the access process straightforward and simple?
a. Email notification with a log-in link
b. Audio options for both desktop and phone-in.
c. Simple login credentials.
4. If needed, is there a document sharing option that is easy to upload presentations or documents.

1. Is the conference bridge sent through a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? A private connection or private tunnel over the public internet?
2. If client information will be discussed, does the vendor provide the proper compliance certification?
3. Is there a two-step authentication option for participant logins, if needed?

Speed of deployment
1. Does the vendor offer rapid deployment?
2. If not, what is the time frame for deployment?
3. Is the setup and deployment straightforward and not requiring additional hardware or complicated applications?

1. Will the platform provide all what is presently needed?
2. Is it scalable for the growth of your organization?
3. Is it robust and flexible providing additional tools that would be useful for any future and more complex collaboration?

1. Is there cost associated with purchasing equipment (Phones, routers, software)
2. How competitive are they with other vendors?

If your organization does not need anything but a way to connect teams for business sales or strategy meetings and no sensitive information would be shared, then the basic conferencing programs such as basic Zoom, Go to Meeting, or Free Conference Call maybe all that you need. However, an organization should seek the advice of an experienced and capable professional consultant who is current on the latest technologies to walk you through the five steps above.
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William Quaglia
In The Cloud Technology LLC

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