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Quali-T Men's Health Owners Chris and Julia Mckeown with Senior Ambassador Mary Chance at the business' ribbon cutting in March 2023 BLOgG

Quali-T Men’s Health Owners Chris and Julia Mckeown with Senior Ambassador Mary Chance at the business’ ribbon cutting in March 2023.

With so many vital, concerning, and challenging issues to tackle in the world of healthcare, men’s health can easily be glossed over. This is sometimes due to male patients who are suffering from a wide variety of health issues not wanting to bring attention or alarm to their symptoms or challenges.

Fortunately for men in the Salem-area, Quali-T Men’s Health Owner Chris Mckeown is here to help. As a certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Chris has the experience in patient care and the passion for men’s health issues that make him an ideal resource for men looking to improve their overall health.

With a strong desire to help men achieve their full potential and in seeing a clear need to serve them, Chris and his wife, Julia, opened their business in West Salem (located at 675 Orchard Heights Rd.) in early 2023. Quali-T Men’s Health specializes in Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), ED management, and weight loss. TRT helps treat a broad array of physical and mental issues affecting men, including chronic fatigue, obesity, mood swings, depression, anxiety, low libido, and ED.

“I often tell people that this is one of the only jobs in medicine where you can truly make a difference for patients, and in a short period of time to boot,” Chris said. “I have seen people completely change their lives. I have seen people’s depression and anxiety improve. I have seen morbidly obese patients become very healthy and improve their blood sugar and cholesterol. The smiles I see at my follow-up visits are priceless.”

Not only has Chris seen the incredible holistic health benefits of improving testosterone levels in his patients, but he has also experienced similar results firsthand.

“I am on TRT and I know how life changing it can be,” Chris said. “I am a much better and patient partner to my wife than I was before TRT. And since I am feeling better, I am also less angry/pouty. I can be more present. I feel right.”

As his business’ only full-time employee, Chris enjoys helping his patients feel right by personally connecting with and caring for every single one as individuals. With transparency and honesty at the core of everything he does, Chris aims to be as open, available, and responsive as he possibly can, which sets him apart from larger providers.

“Every patient of mine has my cell phone number,” Chris said. “I take great pride in being able to provide answers in a timely manner without the middleman.”

To learn more about the business or to schedule a free consultation, visit or call (503) 339-7728.

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