Salem’s efforts in helping our students achieve high levels of success after high school are on the map, and your chamber’s Kathy Moore is a significant spoke in that wheel.

The Reach Higher initiative is First Lady Michelle Obama’s effort to inspire every student in America to take charge of their future by pursuing education beyond high school, whether at a professional training program, a community college, or a four-year college or university.

In today’s economy, a high school diploma just isn’t enough. Students have to reach higher, which is why the First Lady is working to rally the country around the President’s “North Star” goal โ€” that by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world. During a two and a half-day event taking place in Colorado Springs, participants will engage in conversations with members of the Obama Administration through panel discussions, breakout sessions and site visits that explore work-based learning opportunities. This convening will focus on action steps and provide participants the opportunity to visit programs that highlight business and education partnerships.

Oregon’s team currently includes:
Kathy Moore, Chief Development Officer, Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
Beth Wigham, College Career Readiness/School Counselor Education Specialist, Oregon Department of Education Lori Ellis, Oregon Student Assistance Commission
State Representative Jeff Reardon
Holly Thompson, Oregon School Counselor Association President-Elect
Jennifer Denning, Youth Workforce Liaison at the Higher Education Coordinating Commission
Scott Beveridge, Southern Oregon ESD
Bridget Dazey, Clackamas Workforce Partnership
Peter Lund, COO at Supergenius Studio
Gene Eakin, PhD, School Counseling Program Lead, Oregon State University

Why this matters to Salem, and Salem Chamber members

As dynamics in our workforce shift in the coming years, it’s important for our business community to be prepared adequately with a workforce aligned with the jobs that are available. For nearly a decade, Kathy Moore has been on the cutting edge of new and innovative solutions to tomorrow’s workforce needs. With programs like Career Connections, Ready to Learn/Ready to Work and the Salem Chamber partnership with Salem-Keizer Schools’ Career Technical Education Center – the hard work of Kathy and the chambers’ Inspire Foundation is well poised to bring the most relevant and innovative information back to Salem for you and the future needs of our business community, ultimately leading to a robust (and well compensated) workforce.

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