On February 7, the Revenue Forecast was released by the Office of Economic Analysis for the Senate and House Revenue Committees. Continuing the trend seen, remarkably, throughout the interim, Oregon’s legislators continue to have more funds at their disposal for the large number of budget asks during the 2024 Legislative Session.

Legislators will enjoy $560 million more in resources available in this biennium versus the December forecast, primarily due to unspent funds from the last biennium. Overall, budget writers have over $1 billion in additional revenue to utilize compared to what was forecast at the end of the 2023 Legislative Session.

State economists noted traditional corporate taxes and estate taxes have continued to exceed projected revenue expectations. Of note, revenues were revised downward for the ‘vices’ – liquor, tobacco, and marijuana. Forecasted revenue was projected downward for those areas.

For more information:

March 2024 Revenue Forecast Presentation

Office of Economic Analysis Full Revenue Forecast – March 2024


Legislative Calendar

Monday, February 5 – 2024 Legislative Session Convenes

Wednesday, February 7 – Revenue Forecast

Monday, February 12 – Posting Work Session Deadline

Monday, February 19 – 1st Chamber Deadline

Friday, February 23 – Posting Work Session Deadline

Thursday, February 29 – 2nd Chamber Deadline

Sunday, March 10 – Constitutional Sine Die

Tuesday, March 12 – Filing Day


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