What a surprise and pleasure to receive this award! 

It is truly an honor to be an Ambassador for the Salem Chamber of Commerce. 

This award really is a shared recognition with my colleagues on the Ambassador Team. Ron Peters

The joy they exude in serving the business community is unparalleled.  The enthusiasm given to support a Chamber, which is dedicated to the enrichment, vibrancy, and fulfilment of our fine City, is beyond words. It is infectious! 

We have such amazing people around us.  To know them and learn from their collective wisdom is humbling.  To assist when needed, to celebrate when called upon and inform when requested is rewarding. 

The opportunity to connect resources to people…. The opportunity to see new businesses connect with those who have weathered the test of time….. Willingness to receive wisdom offered from seasoned professionals to assist in grounding those seeking to establish themselves in our community….. Enchanting!  


This is what it means to be an Ambassador! 

To assist… 

To inform… 

To guide… 

To celebrate! 

In becoming an Ambassador for the Salem Chamber, I was honored to accept the invitation from the Ambassador committee.  I knew the importance having a vibrant, exciting, forward-thinking organization such as the Chamber continue its relevance in Salem.  Business dies if not engaged in relevant, forward thinking, innovative approaches to our community’s needs. 

I wanted to be part of that…  I want a community to be proud of.  I want a City that wants to progress.  I want a business community that pulls out all the stops to ensure a platform from which entrepreneurs can grow and be successful.  Those who were ensconced before me paved the way by example.  They truly “got it!”  They drew me in through their respect for business by balancing in-depth interaction with the love of community.  When one gets it right, it is infectious… and they got me! 


The Chamber of Commerce, here in Salem, has established itself as a premier champion for business.   They work HARD to ensure that there is a climate for companies to grow in, be established, and find encouragement.  The opportunities are here for Business-on-Business interactions to take place.  They see that those hard-working individuals, behind the scenes, are recognized and CELEBRATED. 

Businesses that have exemplified the core values of the Chamber and excel in selfless giving are given the recognition they deserve.   Vital economic sectors are upheld for the tremendous contribution they bring in sustaining our community. 

Why?  Because it is important; important to be in community to enable the growth and development of those seeking to thrive in entrepreneurship.  


So, you ask, why is it important to be part of The Salem Chamber? 

To seek and offer support in one’s business endeavors. 

To face challenges together. 

To learn from those who have gone ahead of us and assist those who are beginning their business trajectory. 

When success achieved… Celebration, of the achievement and joy for the future! 


It is about people…..  It is about the ability to achieve and the opportunity to create community through entrepreneurial pursuit. 


Thank you for this honor and blessings to all! 






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