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Salem City Council – Ward 8

Candidate Name: Micki Varney

Why do you believe you should represent the community in this office? 

I have lived my life serving and advocating for others and being on City Council is a labor of love where I can continue that service. I strongly believe that it is not what we take from a community, but what we give back that defines us as individuals and collectively as a community. I bring diversity and a wide range of experience to the position.

When I was a city councilor before in Washington, I helped lead a large multi-agency task force to find workable solutions on environmental issues and determine a path to work through conflicting federal mandates the city was facing–protecting listed fish while protecting our city and providing services to residents. I feel these unique skills will help us as we navigate through the looming Detroit Lake draw-down issue that will need to be addressed within the next couple years.

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Salem Municipal Judge

Candidate Name: Jane Aiken

Why do you believe you should represent the community in this office? 

Salem Municipal Court needs an experienced judge, whose background, training & professional accomplishments match the challenges facing our court and community.

I’ve demonstrated those attributes over more than eleven years as your current Municipal Court Judge as well as over a 26 year legal career before being elected in 2006; and re-elected in 2010 and 2014.
Details of my 5-Year Strategic Plan for the court can be found here:



Salem Municipal Judge

Candidate Name: Melissa Parker

Why do you believe you should represent the community in this office? 

 Our community matters, and a candidate who values your time and tax dollars should matter to you. I am committed to this community and recognize the struggles facing it today – struggles often addressed in the Municipal Court. Crimes relating to homelessness and traffic are likely to be cited to Municipal Court. I want to deal with those issues in a fair and consistent manner.

Consistent scheduling and policies to the courtroom will allow attorneys on both sides to better anticipate the outcome of a case and resolve matters fairly. I have worked on both the prosecution side and the defense side and understand the priorities both sides are dealing with. I will provide competent and fair judgment to the Municipal Court. Find out more at

Anna M. Peterson, former Salem Mayor
Salem Professional Firefighters L314
Daniel P. Santos
Arthur B. Cummins, Jr.
Doug Vande Griend
Marc. W. Gunn – Gunn & Gunn P.C.
Michelle Vlach-Ing
Weisha Mize, Attorney at Law
Jeffrey Ullman – Green Path Construction, Inc.
Sara Williams – Law Office of Sara C. Williams P.C.
Dana M. Mitchell – Dana M. Mitchell, P.C.

Marion County Circuit Court Judge

Candidate Name: Jon Weiner

Why do you believe you should represent the community in this office? 

I have presided over thousands of criminal cases at Salem Municipal Court as a pro tem judge. Those experiences have demonstrated to me the positive impact an effective judge can have on the lives of victims, the future of defendants, and the safety of our community.

These lessons have been reinforced by my experiences on the other side of the bench as a lawyer, seeing how judges do things all over Oregon in both State and Federal court. I have represented Oregonians in twenty-five of the thirty-six counties in our State. I have represented them in federal court, the Oregon Court of Appeals, and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Outside my practice, I have analyzed and written on approximately 10,000 appellate decisions, from the United Supreme Court to every State and Federal court of appeals in the United States. Law firms and law schools (such as Harvard and UCLA) paid to receive that analysis. This kind of broad experience is critically important to maintaining the vitality of our court and the diversity of legal perspectives among our judges.

Being a judge provides an opportunity to make a difference. It is good, hard, rewarding work. I have loved my years at Salem Municipal Court and look forward to the opportunity of serving as a Marion County Circuit Court Judge.

Please visit my website,, for more information about me and to see a list of supporters.


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