Last week, Salem Chamber leadership hosted a luncheon with key Latinx business leaders in the Salem area to discuss various topics regarding the prosperity of our community. The meeting was held to help unite Latinx leaders across different industry sectors and address the needs of their communities.

Among the many topics of discussion were networking opportunities, how the Salem Chamber organization can best support the goals of these prominent business owners, and the purpose of creating generational wealth among the largest minority population in Salem.

Jonathan Castro-Monroy, the Managing Partner at Castro Monroy Group and Salem Chamber Board of Director, spearheaded the meeting.

“As Latino and Latina business leaders, we have an obligation to support each other, get involved in our community, be heard, and be at the decision tables of what happens in our Salem,” said Jonathan. “Many people look up to us and inspire to one day be like us. We owe it to them to be the best leaders that we can be and ensure that we stand united and advocate for the well-being of our overall community.”

With continued open discussions and mobilizations like this, empowering the future of Salem’s business leaders has never looked brighter.

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