The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce has joined the coalition to defeat the tax on Oregon sales, known as Initiative Petition 28 (IP28).

IP28 will raise an estimated $5.3 billion per biennium through a tax on the gross receipts of businesses whose sales total $25 million per year. Approximately 1,000 businesses in Oregon will be directly responsible for paying this new tax, and its impacts will certainly be felt throughout the supply chain to the consumer.

The Salem Chamber discussed IP28 during its monthly Public Policy Session on January 7. Parties from both sides presented on the issue.

Alison Hart, Executive Director of the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce, represented the opposition to IP28. Key components of her presentation included:

• IP 28 is a tax on the gross receipts of a business – not the profits
• The tax revenue generated would flow into the State’s General Fund
• Sectors with narrow profit margins may be driven from doing business in Oregon

Proponents of IP 28 were also in attendance, and “Our Oregon” Executive Director Ben Unger delivered its presentation along with Dr. Daniel Morris – Our Oregon’s Research Director. Foundations of the proponent’s argument included:

• Oregon’s corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the nation
• Schools and senior services are underfunded

Learn more about IP28 at

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