Salem, OR (Oct. 2, 2018) – Salem City Club, a biweekly gathering of more than 100 members, will meet Oct. 12 at the Willamette Heritage Center to discuss Ballot Measure 104. If passed, the measure will redefine “raising revenue” in the Oregon constitution to include changes to tax exemptions, credits and deductions.

Shawn Cleave, Government Affairs Director and lobbyist on behalf of real estate interests, will argue in support of Ballot Measure 104. He has over 19 years of state government affairs experience.

Salem Mayor Chuck Bennett will speak in opposition of Measure 104. He has served on the Salem City Council for nine years and is a former Oregon State Representative.

Ballot Measure 104 has been proposed to clearly state that the supermajority requirement for “raising revenue” applies to “any tax or fee increase whether accomplished by the creation, imposition or increase of any tax or fee, or by the modification, elimination or change in eligibility for any exemption, credit, deduction or lower rate of taxation.” If passed, the ballot measure will require at least 18 of 30 senators and 36 of 60 representatives to pass new revenue measures meeting that definition.

The meeting will take place Friday, Oct. 12, at 11:30 a.m. at the Willamette Heritage Center at 1313 Mill Street St. SE. Members pay $20 and non-members pay $10 without lunch or $30 with lunch. Register online at
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Salem City Club

Salem City Club

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