Salem-Keizer Public Schools will hold a pre-proposal meeting for general contractors on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018 at 1 p.m. at Lancaster Professional Center, 2450 Lancaster Drive NE in Salem. The meeting is for firms interested in being included on the district’s list of prequalified general contractors for bond work. Overflow parking is available at the north end of the McKay High School parking lot.

For most bond-funded projects, general contractors must be prequalified in order to respond to future bid requests.

SKPS has recently posted two requests for proposals (RFPs) on the district’s procurement website, RFP numbers 347 and 349 solicit eligible contractors for large and small projects, respectively. Large projects are defined as those with an estimated value of $5 million or more. Small projects are defined as those with an estimated value of under $5 million.

RFP numbers 347 and 349 close on Oct. 16, 2018 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time.

The district’s list of prequalified contractors for future bond projects will be built from these two RFP solicitations. Firms that have already responded to the RFPs and those that have not yet responded but want to respond are encouraged to attend the pre-proposal meeting on Sept. 27.

All interested firms must respond to one or both of the RFPs mentioned to be considered for inclusion on the prequalified list, regardless of previous prequalification status.

To ask questions or to receive more information, please visit or contact Procurement and Contracting Services at (503) 399-3086.
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Karma Krause
Capital Construction Public Engagement Specialist
Salem-Keizer Public Schools

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