LEAD Business Summit table with gearsThe pace of business is fast. Business owners today are faced with a myriad of challenges. From keeping up with ever-changing technology and marketing trends to hiring the right people, it can be overwhelming to even the most tenured professionals.
Preparing to overcome these challenges is no small task, but it is essential that business leaders recognize this rapidly changing marketplace and adapt in order to stay relevant.

To help businesses in the region navigate these issues, the Salem Chamber created the LEAD Business Summit. The one-day conference will provide a platform to build relationships as well as workshops that will give professionals the courage to take their business to the next level.

“All great business relationships are just that, they start with relationship,” said Chris Nordyke with Summit Cleaning and Restoration, who was part of the think tank session for planning the event. “The only way to build relationships is to take time out of our busy schedules and really truly share stories with one another. A lot of times it’s hard to do that week over week. An event like this gives us all an excuse to invest that time.”

The event will be made up of keynote speakers and workshops from regional thought-leaders. Topics include sessions on building your brand online, the benefits of risk taking, and succession planning. Generational shifts occurring in our workforce will be addressed at the evening keynote, headlined by Seth Mattison, who will speak on how the culture and environment has, and will, continue to shift significantly as the makeup of our workforce changes.

While the content line-up through workshops and speakers will provide valuable information that can be applied to personal goals, perhaps the most valuable piece is the relationships that can be built.

“I’m probably most excited about the conversations with local folks outside of the sessions,” said Nordyke. “The sessions, to me, feel like almost more of a fire starter. And the conversations that happen after the sessions, and even after the event, are really where the big value is.”

“The LEAD Business Summit will connect business people to their passions, each other, and their community” said Marla McColly, director of events and programs for the Salem Chamber. “We are challenging the status quo of our event programing by transitioning away from SHOWBIZ and Vision Initiative to this new venture, in order to continue strengthening businesses and leaders within the region.”

“It’s exciting that we’re bringing something new that will benefit the entire business community,” said LeAnn Keim with Columbia Bank, the event’s presenting sponsor.

LEAD Business Summit is slated for April 27, 2016 at the Salem Convention Center. Learn more at leadempowered.com

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