Originally sent by the Cascade Employer’s Association

Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) has issued a temporary order expanding the reach of the Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) in response to COVID-19. Effective March 18, 2020 through September 13, 2020, eligible employees can utilize OFLA for emergency care for their child whose school or place of care has been closed in conjunction with a public statewide health emergency, which COVID-19 qualifies as.

As a reminder, employers with 25 or more employees in Oregon are covered under OFLA. Oregon employees are eligible for OFLA if they work 180 days for the employer and average 25 hours per week. If an employee is diagnosed with a confirmed case of COVID-19 or the employee needs to provide care for a family member diagnosed with COVID-19, it may still qualify OFLA as a serious health condition for themselves or their family member. If so, employers should follow the normal family medical leave process.

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